Bubba’s Wins D&Ad Award: Creativity for Good

Bubba’s Chop Shop, along with agency 180LA and Giles + Cecilie Studio, received the 2017 D&Ad Wood Pencil award: Creativity for Good.


“Unfairy Tales shows the realities of being a child refugee in an unsuspecting way through impressive animation visualizations. In this way, we were able to get these children’s tragic stories in front of people who might otherwise think negatively about these refugees, and instead, to see them as innocent children in need our care and protection. The films highlight the human story and experiences of the young refugees, garnering a sense of solidarity both amongst refugee and migrant communities, as well as the larger host communities in which they are living.” – 180LA

Bubba’s is proud and honored to be a part of such an important and impactful project.
Thank you to all of our partners including 180LA, Giles + Cecilie Studio, Therapy Studios and most importantly Unicef.

Please visit https://www.unicef.org/unfairytales and donate today to help the Syrian refugee children.